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Message from Chief Executive Officer

No other job is more joyful to me than food service business.

No other job is more joyful to me than food service business.

I would not be exaggerating if I said that in recent years the Japanese people's interest in dining has grown tremendously. And I can tell you that anyone who eats something delicious breaks out in a warm smile. For us at Gourmet Kineya, there is nothing that makes our job more satisfying than to know that we are putting a smile on each of our customers' faces. Playing an important role in society and spreading happiness among our customers is our calling. Our basic philosophy is, and will always be, to enrich people's lives and contribute to the community through the restaurants that we operate.

Doing our job well at the store level is the key to satisfying our customers

Our customers evaluate our shops, brands and even whole company each time they visit our restaurants. We therefore take great pains to make sure that our on-site staff are providing the best food and hospitality they can, as well as ensure that our shops are always running smoothly and managed with an appropriate level of care. All of the divisions at our headquarters offer support to our restaurants to help the staff there provide the best service possible. It is our pleasure at Gourmet Kineya to bring satisfaction to our customers.

Cultivating human resources capable of exploring new business areas

As a restaurant group, we have created a diverse range of restaurant brands, ranging from udon and soba noodle shops to Western-style cuisine and ethnic-themed restaurants. And we have also ventured into areas besides restaurants, such as accommodations and online shops. We are also stepping up our expansion outside of Japan.
An ongoing goal for us has been to pursue customer satisfaction and to equip our Gourmet Kineya employees with the skills they need to uncover business opportunities and find new ways of serving our customers. We believe our employees are the driving force for our group.